Do you know carrots that are even called "natural miracles"? It is said that it is Fukaura snow carrot, which has a fruity sweetness that makes it hard to think of it as a vegetable. It is cultivated in a field that is particular about soil preparation that spreads out at the foot of the Shirakami Mountains, a World Heritage Site in Fukaura Town, Aomori Prefecture, and is harvested by hand from December to March, one by one from under the snow.

Carrots grown under deep snow store sugar to protect themselves from the cold, so they are very sweet even when eaten raw and taste like fruits. "Fukaura Snow Ginseng Potage", which uses such rare Fukaura Snow Ginseng luxuriously, is on sale.

"Miracle of nature" Healthy soup using Fukaura snow carrot is on sale
"Miracle of nature" Healthy soup using Fukaura snow carrot is on sale

As you can see from the photo, the pinkish orange is very vivid. It is the natural color of "Fukaura Snow Ginseng" itself, which occupies 60% of the content, and does not use any coloring agents. It is a soup that is sweet and easy to drink like fruits, rich in nutrients such as carotene, which has a high antioxidant effect, and vitamins, which are highly effective in maintaining good health.

In addition, it is nutritious but low in calories, and no chemical seasonings are added. You can enjoy arranging it by adding a little lemon when it is chilled, or adding a little milk or fresh cream when you warm it up and eat it. It is also recommended to mix it with the pancake dough.

If you really don't like carrots, you can eat this ... But it's a carrot called a miracle ... I feel like trying how sweet it is. I'm hoping that I can be a savior to overcome my dislike of carrots.