The ice cream in the cup is a little expensive. However, did you have an image of ice cream sticks for children?

It was "PARM" that overturned that image. I remove the PARM from the stick and put it on a plate to eat. This way, it tastes like high-quality ice cream (poor tongue?).

Now, the matcha flavor will appear in that PARM. Its name is "PARM Matcha". It seems that Uji Ichibancha from Kyoto Gion's famous store "Gion Tsujiri" was used for the ice cream part and chocolate part. It is said that it is a full-fledged matcha ice cream bar that is particular about the taste of matcha and can satisfy adults.

"PARM Matcha"
"PARM Matcha"

Release is September 17th. The price is 180 yen. You can buy it at convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide.

By the way, this PARM was released in 2005. I felt like it had just been released, so I was a little surprised. The shipping value continues to increase year by year, and in 2011 it reached six times the initial value. It is expected to reach 7 times this year.

To be honest, I'm not really interested in sales. However, I'm a little happy when I think that if I sell a lot, there will be so many different types.

PARM shipment value transition