Morinaga Milk Industry "PARM Chocolat Mint
PARM Chocolat mint

PARM Chocolat


I tried Morinaga Milk Industry's "PARM Chocolat Mint" bar ice cream. The combination of the refreshing peppermint flavor and the rich, sticky raw chocolate sauce is a delight to the nose. The price is 172.8 yen per piece (tax included).

Morinaga Milk Industry "PARM Chocolat Mint

The first chocolate mint flavor from the "Palm" brand, with a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate coating and smooth ice cream that melts together at the same time


Morinaga Milk Industry "PARM Chocolat Mint
The outer coating is the familiar crispy and mouthwatering Palm

The refreshing mint ice cream, made with peppermint extract, is marbled with a rich, bittersweet raw chocolate sauce and wrapped in semi-sweet chocolate that melts in the mouth and goes well with the mint ice cream.

A bite of the ice cream has a typical ice cream texture, with the crispy texture of the chocolate on the outside and a smooth texture that continues to melt in your mouth, just like the familiar Palm ice cream. However, the mint ice cream underneath the coating is unique. The peppermint aroma and slight tingle in the mouth is very fresh and enjoyable.

Morinaga Milk Industry "PARM Chocolat Mint
The mint ice cream inside is crisp and fresh. The raw chocolate sauce is rich.

At first, the mint flavor comes to the fore, but as you continue eating, your tongue comes into contact with the raw chocolate sauce, and the sticky texture, rich smell of cocoa, bitterness, and deep sweetness spread out. The mint and chocolate are both assertive, and when they mingle in the mouth, it is an eye-opening experience. This product is sure to satisfy both Palm fans and chocomintics.