The Olympic Games will finally begin on July 28th. And when it comes to watching Olympic TV, pizza. Isn't it?

Domino's Pizza will hold the "World's Shortest Time Sale" for three days from July 27th to 29th, 2012, the day before the opening of the Olympic Games, where you can get a half-price coupon using Facebook.

This coupon is a generous one that cuts the price of L size pizza by half. However, the difficulty to get it is unusually high, and the coupon distribution time is only 0.1 seconds when the clock gets doublet!

How to participate is as follows.

1. Access "Domino's Pizza Japan Official Facebook Page"

2. Press "Like" to enter

3. Click the button the moment the time gets doublet!

If you press the button at the moment of getting doublet, you can get a half-price coupon for L size pizza.

However, if the timing is off even for 0.1 seconds, the coupon acquisition will fail.

How many people are working on this in doublet time? Imagine that, it will be a little fun.

The time sale schedule is as follows.

The first time is 11:11:11 am on July 27, 2012!

The coupon distribution time is about 0.1 seconds, which burns. At the Olympics, athletes are competing for 0.1 seconds. A player will receive a medal if he wins the battle for 0.1 seconds. We get half the price of pizza in a 0.1 second battle. Well, the levels are a little different, but I think both of them are perfect fights for the hot summer.