Bell's Brewery's, an American brewing company, has announced a new beer series, The Planet Series. Reported by the US media That's Nerdalicious.

The series is inspired by the most famous song by one of Britain's leading composers, Gustav Holst, "The Planets". There are seven flavors, each with a planetary name such as "Mars" or "Venus" (by the way, there is no "Earth").

Seven flavors debut one after another! "The Planet Series"
Seven flavors debut one after another! "The Planet Series"

The first flavor "Mars" debuted in August 2014, and every two months after that, "Venus", "Mercury", "Jupiter" ... were released in order. I'm going. The final flavor "Neptune" will be released in July 2015.

The seven flavors are as follows (in order of release date). The naming is so romantic that it makes me embarrassed as I write it, but I've tried to translate it to the best of my ability, so if you have a lot of imagination, I hope you enjoy it while anthropomorphizing it in your brain.

1. "Mars, The Bringer of War"-Mars, the Fighter / Double India Pale Ale (Bitter Beer)

2. "Venus, The Bringer of Peace"-Blonde ale (light beer) brewed with Venus, Peace Bringer / Honey, Apricot, Vanilla and Cardamom

3. "Mercury, The Winged Messenger" -Mercury, the winged messenger / Belgian beer single

4. "Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity"-Jupiter, the Bringer of the Feast / Brown Ale

5. "Saturn, The Bringer of Old Age"-Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age / Barley wine aged in bourbon barrels

6. "Uranus, The Magician"-Uranus, Magician / Black Double India Pale Ale (Black Beer)

7. "Neptune, The Mystic" -Neptune, a mysterious / home-brewed beer inspired by "Dr. Bell's Medicinal Stout"

In the night sky ... toast
In the night sky ... toast

* All images are from Bell's Brewery's