A milky beverage that mixes golden peach juice and kefir has appeared.

First, let's review kefir.

Kefir is a milk drink born in Russia. It is said that it is made from unvaccinated cow, goat, and sheep milk using an inoculum called "kefir grain". In other words, it is different from yogurt .

The side of the package was kind

"Golden peach" has yellow skin and flesh, and the fruit is solute, with strong sweetness and moderate acidity .

When you open the seal, you can smell the sweet scent of peaches!

Not golden

The sweetness of peach spreads when you take a sip.

However, it is not a sweet drink that is often found, but the refreshing taste of kefir is felt in the aftertaste, making it easy to drink.

Kefir's romaji spelling is "Kefir". I got a little smarter again