Asahi Soft Drinks "Grape & Calpis"

Asahi Soft Drinks will release "Grape & Calpis" on August 3rd. The price is 151 yen (tax included) for 500 ml.

Grape & Calpis

"Grape & Calpis" is a milky beverage that is a blend of lactic acid bacteria beverage "Calpis" and grape juice. You can enjoy a gentle taste by mixing the sweet and sour taste unique to "Calpis" with the grape juice, which is characterized by its mellow aroma and sweetness. It also contains milk oligosaccharides derived from milk as a health value for a wide range of people from children to adults.

The package has polka dots, which are the symbol of "Calpis", all over, and the design of the grapes and "Calpis" melting in the center of the package expresses a gentle taste. In addition, the product feature of "with milk oligosaccharide" is promoted with a highly visible icon.

On the back of the PET1.5L package, there are 3 types of quizzes that you can enjoy with your family. Since the answer is written on the back of the label, it is necessary to remove the label to match the answers of the quiz, and it is a mechanism that allows you to separate resources while enjoying the quiz.