At each Mister Donut store, a new sweet "Cotton Snow Candy" that you can enjoy a fluffy texture will be on sale from June 25th.

Introducing sweets with plenty of milk!
Introducing sweets with plenty of milk!

Cotton snow candy is a thin, soft slice of milk-flavored lacto ice cream topped with fruit sauce. You can enjoy a unique texture that is neither ice cream nor shaved ice. A dedicated machine was also developed for this product.

There are 5 flavors. "Mango" and "Strawberry" topped with pulp sauce (561 yen each), "Mix" (669 yen) topped with both mango sauce and strawberry sauce, "Chocolate crunch" with chocolate sauce and chocolate crunch (561 yen), "Matcha Azuki" (561 yen), which is a combination of "fluffy ice" on top of the grain sauce and matcha powder, is available.

Both are scheduled to be sold by the end of August.

* All listed prices include tax.