From the home delivery pizza "PIZZA-LA" developed by Four Seas, three new summer products "Hawaiian series" and five "Mima de delicious series" will be released on June 18th. Also, from the same day, a "Hawaiian Present Campaign" will be held in which Hawaiian Airlines Honolulu round-trip air tickets and accommodation tickets will be awarded.

Taste to your ears! "Mimi de delicious series"
Taste to your ears! "Mimi de delicious series"

The "Hawaiian Series" is a new summer series that expresses the concept of "Hawaii" with pizza using "Maui Onion". "Hawaiian BBQ" with juicy chicken and special BBQ sauce, "Pizza-La shrimp mayo" with avocado topping "Ebimayo Aloha", these two kinds of pizza and classic "Teriyaki chicken" "Seafood Italiana" in one piece There are 3 types of "Hawaiian Quarter".

It's summer! Hawaii! Hawaiian pizza !!
It's summer! Hawaii! Hawaiian pizza !!

On the other hand, the "Mimi de Tasty Series" is a new series in which ingredients such as cheese and sausage are included in the "Mimi" part of the pizza.

"Mima de Cheese Deluxe" and "Mima de Cheese Terimayo Corn" with cream cheese and 4 kinds of natural cheese (mozzarella, goda, samsoe, steppen), "Mima de sausage bacom potato" with sausage in the "Mimi" part In addition to "Mimade Sausage Peparoni", there are 5 types of "Mimade Quarter" where you can enjoy these 4 types of pizza at once.

Don't let me say "I don't need it" anymore
Don't let me say "I don't need it" anymore

The various pizzas and prices to be released this time are as follows.

・ Hawaiian series Hawaiian BBQ S size 1,400 yen ~
Shrimp Mayo Aloha S size 1,589 yen ~
Hawaiian Quarter M size from 2,460 yen

・ Mima de delicious series Mima de cheese deluxe M size 2,460 yen ~
Mimi de Cheese Terimayo Cone M size 2,250 yen ~
Mima de sausage bacon potato M size 2,210 yen ~
Mima de sausage pepperoni M size 2,210 yen ~
Mimade Quarter M size from 2,420 yen

* All listed prices do not include tax