2023 Halloween KALDI Summary

2023 Halloween KALDI Summary

KALDI Coffee Farm will sell over 140 limited edition Halloween items. The sales period is from September 1 to October 31. A number of unique items will be available to get you in the Halloween mood, such as drinks that change color when mixed, games that everyone can play, and black cat motif items filled with candy.

Here are some of the items you may be interested in!

Original Halloween Magical Lemonade

Powdered pink and blue lemonade made from whole lemons! Comes in 6 individually wrapped bottles (3 bottles of each color). Price: 594 yen (tax included, same as below).

KALDI's "Original Halloween Magical Lemonade

Magical Halloween Slimey Gel Candy

A mysterious orange-flavored candy that changes color as it is mixed, soft like slime. The popping candy included in the package gives the candy a fun, crackling texture! And if you shine a hand-held black light on them, they glow suspiciously and are sure to liven up any party! Price: 440 yen.

KALDI's "Magical Halloween Slimey Gel Candy"

Halloween Pumpkin Laughing Light Pot (orange/purple/pink

) This pot glows with laughter when turned on, perfect for Halloween decorations. Contains 3 candies and 1 cookie. Price: 798 yen.

KALDI "Halloween Pumpkin Laughing Light Pot (Orange/Purple/Pink)"

Original Blue Pancake Mix

This is a pancake ingredient using butterfly peas. Mix with water and bake to make chunky blue pancakes! We recommend topping them with whipped cream and blueberries to enjoy them like a cake. Price: 366 yen.

KALDI "Original Blue Pancake Mix

Original Knapsack

Inside the bag of a cute black cat with cat ears and tail are 8 kinds of snacks including gummies, biscuits, and corn snacks. The knapsack shape can be carried on the back, making it a perfect fancy-dress item! The price is 1,080 yen.

KALDI "Original Nyap Sac"

One per person at the store and up to 5 per person at the official online store.

Original Halloween Backgammon

Cut out the parts, assemble the roulette and the frame, and you're ready to go! The price is 437 yen.

KALDI "Original Halloween Sugoroku

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