Pizza "Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack
Collaboration goods of Pizza and "Sumikko Gurashi

PIZZA-LA "Sumikko Gurashi" collaboration plate and sticker set

PIZZA-LA will launch a "Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack". The set includes a pizza of your choice and an original Sumikko Gurashi item for an additional 280 yen (tax included).

Sumikko Gurashi


Pack The "Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack" is a collaboration set that features newly designed goods each season.

Sumikko Gurashi" is known for its slightly negative and surrealistic characters and stories that are not only cute, but also have the keyword "Koko wa ochimasu nondemo desu" ("This is where I feel at home"). This is the embodiment of the desire that many Japanese people have to be seated in the corner when they go to a cafe.

In this collaboration, you will receive a Sumikko Gurashi plate and an original sticker with each pizza.

Pizza "Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack
Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack



Dish The Sumikko Gurashi Dish is made of porcelain and is approximately 17 cm in diameter. Tonkatsu", "Cat", and "Lizard" are all getting along well with each other and sharing a pizza at a party.

Pizza "Sumikko Gurashi Dish
Sumikko Gurashi Dish



"Original stickers" are A6 size (approx. 10 x 15 cm) and also include "Shirokuma," "Pengin? Tonkatsu", "Cat", and "Lizard" are having a pizza party.

Pizza "Original Seal
original sticker