I want to eat donuts.

I want to eat delicious homemade donuts that are not too sweet, not too soft, and have a floury flavor. I want to eat baked donuts, not fried donuts, but chewy baked donuts.

The time is 3:00 pm. However, on the third floor of an office building, I search the net in the gap where I hit the keyboard. there were!

[Kameido Maid] From the donut factory in Kameido to the office. Launched a new service to install and sell donut boxes in offices in Tokyo!

It is a Kameido factory that produces and sells handmade baked donuts in Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo https://www.kame-f.com. Started "office donut" service for offices. Currently, we are expanding the number of companies that have installed it, mainly along the Yamanote Line, and it seems that offices with 30 or more employees will place donuts.

Set up a donut box with a special charge box in the office and put 100 yen in the charge box in exchange for one donut. The regular price of this donut is 140 yen, so I feel like I got it. The expiration date is one month. It can also be used for stockpiling in the event of a disaster.

A service staff from Kameido Factory will come once a week to collect the price, check the expiration date, and replace the expired product.