From Monteur, 6 sweets supervised by the chef of a popular restaurant will be on sale for a limited time from April 1st to 30th. The estimated price range is around 140-240 yen.

Six "my" sweets are now available!
Six "my" sweets are now available!

The sweets released this time are supervised by Mr. Tetsuhide Nunokawa, who is the chef of "My French", and Mr. Yasuo Watanabe, who is the chef of "My Italian". There are a total of 6 sweets with a "genuine" taste, such as cream puffs using the high-class liqueur "Grand Marnier" and tiramisu soaked with bitter coffee.

The products supervised by each chef are as follows.

・ "My French" supervised by Mr. Tetsuhide Nunokawa Premium custard cream puff with rich chocolate eclair rum scented raw chocolate crepe

・ "My Italian" Yasuo Watanabe supervised chef Tiramisu orange scented raw chocolate crepe Panna cotta with plenty of fresh cream