When I look at my company's Twitter account, I sometimes see mysterious posts.

The official corporate account responds to the photo of the snack ...
The official corporate account responds to the photo of the snack ...

Today (March 5th), SHARP's official account ( @SHARP_JP ) posted "Fueramune" of "Pine candy taste". "It sounds and tastes sweet and sour," he posted with a photo.

In response to this, Pine's official account ( @pain_ame ), which manufactures pineapples, responded. I reply with "Pee" and a cute emoticon that blows Feramune.

SHARP will reply to this immediately. "(´ ◎ `) Sue (´ ◎ `) <pee" and a breathtaking emoticon are also added.

But that's not the end. For some reason , the official account (@moritaalumi) of the manufacturer Morita Aluminum Industry in Osaka Prefecture is also participating in the war with "(・ ◎ ・) <Pihui (´ ◎ `) Sue (breathing)".

Many people have responded to the original SHARP post, collecting over 500 retweets within four hours of posting. There are many general users who are replying, so other corporate accounts may also be participating.

By the way, this collaboration product, which has become a hot topic, seems to have been released in early March. At this time, SHARP, who found a pine post announcing "today's release," tweeted, "Ringing pine candy or @pain_ame-san ... too genius."

Today's SHARP post may be an expression of the joy of finding the product you were looking for.

Although I am not busy at the end of the year, I am healed by the relaxing exchanges.