At each Mister Donut store, three types of "Heart Churo" for Valentine's Day will be on sale from February 8th to February 14th. The price is 147 yen each.

1 week limited "Heart Churo"
1 week limited "Heart Churo"

The flavors of Heart Churo that appear are "chocolate," "strawberry," and "white." A total of 6 types of donuts for Valentine's Day will be lined up, including 3 types of "Valentine's Donuts " released on January 22nd.

Also, during the period, a set "Valentine set" (320 yen) with a great hot cafe au lait will be on sale for 3 types of heart churo, 2 types of Valentine's donuts, and 4 types of "chocolate donuts". The standard price of hot cafe au lait is 294 yen.

Take a break with Cafe au lait
Take a break with Cafe au lait

The donuts to be set are as follows.

● Heart Churo (single item price 147 yen)
Heart Churro Chocolate Heart Churro Strawberry Heart Churro White

● Valentine donuts (157 yen)
Pon de Marshmallow Choco Pon de Marshmallow Strawberry

● Chocolate donut
Chocolate (105 yen)
Coconut chocolate (115 yen)
Double chocolate (115 yen)
Golden chocolate (115 yen)