Pistachio Rush" from Bourbon

Bourbon Pistachio

Rush Bourbon will release "Pistachio Rush," a chocolate bar studded with whole pistachios, on February 7. The price is open to the public. It is available at convenience stores, mass merchandisers, drugstores, retail stores, and kiosks.



"Pistachio Rush" is a bright pistachio-colored chocolate bar studded with pistachios, the "queen of nuts. The pistachios are roasted to give the whole nut a crispy texture and natural nutty flavor.

The chocolate is salted to enhance the flavor of the pistachios and add depth and bite to the taste. The pistachio and chocolate create a harmony of elegant and aromatic flavors.

Bourbon "Pistachio Rush" is not to be missed if you are a pistachio lover. It looks like a good snack time. Why not pick one up when you see one?