British retail shop site VeryFirstTo and gourmet site will jointly offer a "business trip cooking show" for Valentine's Day. The US media reports.

"Business trip cooking show" is a service where a chef goes to the orderer's home and serves food. This time it's cooked by Michelin-starred British chef Adam Simmonds. He seems enthusiastic about making "the most romantic Valentine's Day dinner ever ", but the price of this home cooking show is £ 61,000, in Japanese Yen ... what a whopping about 10.1 million yen . That's right! Dohya! !!

A chef with a smile that makes shrimp look like a heart
A chef with a smile that makes shrimp look like a heart

For cooking, white caviar for about 500,000 yen, white truffle for 100,000 yen or more, gold leaf for 300,000 yen or more, bluefin tuna and fine wine "Romanée-Conti" are all good! It seems that only expensive ingredients are used that make you want to say.

In addition, a part of the sales of this dish will be used for charity donation. It is said that 1,000 pounds will be donated for each dinner, and about 165,000 yen will be donated in Japanese yen.

If you can eat delicious professional food and participate in charity, I definitely want to try it! If you are kind and rich, check the details on the site!