Demeter Fragrance Library, a US fragrance maker, has released "Pizza Perfume," which has a pizza scent. Reported by US media Serious Eats.

Come on, wear me
Come on, wear me

According to the media, "Pizza Perfume" is a perfect balance of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and oregano scents. Prices start at $ 6 a half ounce.

It's not practical, but its undisputed fragrance gives it a whopping 4.5 stars (up to 5). The comments from the purchasers also have positive evaluations such as "It really smells like pizza" and "The room is wrapped in the scent of happiness."

I thought that no matter how attractive the scent was, I wouldn't wear it, and I made a comment like this.

"This may be a great perfume for us guys, especially if you want to attract pizza lovers!"