Tart specialty store kill Fe Bonn in each store, Valentine cake "2014 Santamuru" MIJAO (Mihao) "" including, the "Chocolate Week!" To sell the tart with chocolate, held from February 8 to February 14 Will be done.

A week full of chocolate tarts!
A week full of chocolate tarts!

The 2014 Santa Mur "MIJAO", with its impressive bright red strawberries, is a pink heart-shaped tart with chocolate cream and sweet and sour bavarois poured on top, and raspberries and strawberries are squeezed together. Chocolat Week! Limited, sold only in the hall. The price is 2,310 yen and the size is about 11 cm x 10 cm.

In addition, Chocolat Week! The limited edition tart lineup includes "Classic Chocolat", "Kinpei Sugar Mango Siboost and Chocolate Financier Tart", "Rinka Strawberry and Chocolate Financier Tart", and "Apple and Chocolate Cheese Tart".

In addition, a total of nine types of "chocolate" tarts will be sold, including "star-shaped red fruit and chocolate mousse tarts."

In addition, the products handled differ depending on the store.