"Ghana Fair" is being held at Circle K and Sunkus stores. The fair will be held until January 27th.

6 kinds of original products of bright red "Ghana"
6 kinds of original products of bright red "Ghana"

At the "Ghana Fair," Lotte's "Ghana" brand will sell six types of original products such as sweets, bread, chilled beverages, and ice cream.

The products targeted for the fair are as follows.

"Sherrier Dolce Ghana Winter Rich Chocolate Cake" 290 yen "Ghana Milk Chocolate Drink 200g (7.05oz)" 168 yen "Ghana Chocolate Ice Bar" 126 Yen "Sherrier Dolce Ghana Creamy Chocolate Daifuku" 130 Yen "Sherrier Dolce Ghana Smooth Cream Puff" 150 Yen "Ghana" Milk chocolate denish "135 yen

In addition, if you answer the quiz from the dedicated web page and apply, a "red dream notebook gift" campaign will be held in which one winner will be presented with a gift four times a year. It is said that prizes worth a total of 1 million yen will be given, such as a notebook in which Masami Nagasawa wrote the present date by hand, a travel ticket, a meal ticket, and so on.