At each Yoshinoya store (excluding some stores), two new products, "Beef Suki Nabe Zen" and "Beef Jjigae Nabe Zen", will be on sale from 10 am on December 5th. The prices are 580 yen for regular and 680 yen for large.

"Beef sukiyaki set" is a product that originated from "beef sukiyaki", which is eaten by boiling beef and many vegetables. It is said that it is also the root of the Yoshinoya beef bowl. In addition, the "Beef Jjigae Nabezen" uses a spicy sauce that is perfect for winter. Both are offered on the Yoshinoya's first "burning stove".

The Yoshinoya are familiar with "delicious, easy, and fast", but the two products released this time are said to be able to enjoy hot meals "slowly" until the end. It may be a good idea to warm yourself up slowly by eating the Yoshinoya's new winter menu "Nabezen".