In Iowa, USA, a woman bought a tapeworm that she bought online and told her doctor that she drank it. The consulted doctor didn't know what to do, so he contacted the Iowa Department of Public Health and said Dr. Patricia Quinlisk, the ministry's chief doctor, advised on how to do it. US media USA Today reports .

According to the media, women bought tapeworms for dieting purposes and drank them. The woman developed anemia after drinking tapeworm, but she lost little weight.

Dr. Quinlisk emailed medical professionals across Iowa on August 15 about the matter. There is a website that sells tapeworms as a weight loss tool, but warned that it is dangerous to buy and drink.

"Tapeworm intake is extremely dangerous. It can cause various types of unwanted side effects and, in rare cases, can lead to death. It has been proven effective and safe for people who want to lose weight. Please advise me to continue with this method. The method is to reduce calorie intake and increase exercise. "

Some tapeworm species cause only relatively mild symptoms, he said. However, some species cause serious symptoms such as neurocysticercosis, so it seems better to avoid drinking tapeworms purchased online.

It is said that there is no data showing the number of people who purchase tapeworms online. However, a considerable number of tapeworm sales sites have been confirmed for those who wish to lose weight. For example, , a mail-order site specializing in tapeworms, sells tapeworm eggs for $ 34.25 a bottle, and advises you to eat tapeworms over salads when you eat them. ..

The tapeworm egg site sold by "" says "You can easily lose weight."
The tapeworm egg site sold by "" says "You can easily lose weight."

The USA Today article states:

"People do anything to lose weight."