Slim Up Slim Shape Protein In Pancake

Asahi Group Foods will release a diet pancake "Slim Up Slim Shape Protein in Pancake" on March 1st. 50g (1.76oz) x 6 bags, the estimated price is 1,200 yen (excluding tax).

This product is a pancake mix from the diet support food "Slim Up Slim Shape" brand. It is an individually wrapped type, and you can take 1/2 serving of protein (13.5g (0.18oz)) per bag (50g (1.76oz)). In addition, it contains 11 kinds of vitamins, 10 kinds of minerals, 1000 mg of collagen, and dietary fiber for 1/2 serving. 25% off sugar, so it's recommended for people who are concerned about sugar.

Because rice flour and okara powder are used, you can enjoy a moist texture. In addition, since it is sugar-free and has a plain taste that is not sweet, it can be used not only for snacks but also for meals such as breakfast and lunch.

● What is "Slim Up Slim Shape"? The "Slim Up Slim Shape" brand is a series that can supply nutrition that tends to be insufficient during dieting as a new habit of dieting. Recommended products are being developed for dieters who work on a diet for the purpose of "tightening the body rather than losing weight".