In Studio Ghibli's anime "Kiki's Delivery Service," there is such an exchange between Kiki the witch and Ghibli the black cat.

Kiki "Gigi, what should I do if there aren't any customers coming all the time and I'm just a hot cake every day until I become an old woman?"
Gigi "I like hot cakes. I have to burn them."
Kiki "Cats are easy. I don't know if they're round like pancakes now."

Wow, if you eat too much pancakes, will they become round? !! If you think that, it's okay, there are wonderful women in the world who eat pancakes for "200 meals" a year, so don't worry.

■ 100 points of "pancake notes" carefully selected from a huge amount of food walking data

"Pancake Note" is a book by Yukiko Tomiyama, a lecturer at Waseda University. This book introduces 100 carefully selected pancakes she has eaten so far. What is amazing is the number of eating walks. She has been eating pancakes at a pace of 200 meals a year since 2010!

Pancake Note / Yukiko Tomiyama
Pancake Note / Yukiko Tomiyama

Originally a writer, she isn't really good at going out. However, it seems that the encounter with a certain shop drew Tomiyama into the world of pancakes.

"It's delicious and I want to eat it crisply, but for some reason I'm very sorry to finish eating it. I can't say it well, but I felt extremely happy to eat pancakes."

From this day when I thought, "Is there any other such wonderful restaurant?", Her "eating walk" started.

This book introduces 75 pancake shops in the Kanto / Kansai area, and carefully describes not only pancakes, but also the atmosphere inside the shop and the state of the makers. In addition, it is a book full of pancake information such as delicious mixed powder and introduction of pancake related books. Please enjoy the pancake love poured like syrup.

■ I can't stand it anymore, I'll order pancakes!

Yes, just looking at the pancake notes is happy enough. But after all I want to taste it with my own tongue. A glutton.

So, this time, I ordered the "Rihga Royal Hotel Vanilla Hotcake" introduced in this book. Anyway, I was curious about the frozen pancakes that Tomiyama praised as "only tableware is prepared" and "the highest rank for home-use frozen pancakes."

I often bake pancakes on holidays, but I have made considerable efforts to make them fluffy, such as mayonnaise, meringue, and adjusting the heat. As a result, it takes more than 30 minutes to complete. It's a waste of precious holidays!

But here, just put it on a plate and microwave it. But can you really enjoy the taste of that "Rihga Royal Hotel"?

■ I lentin and tried it

The hot cake arrived in a luxurious moss green box. By the way, the price is 397 yen including tax for 4 pieces. Two sets of margarine and syrup are also included. The hotel logo is branded on the pancakes, creating a celebrity aura!

Each one has the hotel logo
Each one has the hotel logo

Let's make it now. However, all you have to do is arrange them on a plate so that they don't stick to each other and microwave them. I don't even need wrap. The moment you warm it up for about a minute and a half and open the microwave, the sweet scent of vanilla spreads softly. Hmm, how happy I feel!

A bite with plenty of margarine and syrup. The whole is moist and fluffy! With a rich vanilla scent and gentle sweetness, two pieces are enough for a snack or breakfast.

Plenty of included margarine and syrup ...
Plenty of included margarine and syrup ...
You can enjoy it in two layers!
You can enjoy it in two layers!

I have never eaten what is actually served at the hotel, but I was as shocked as Mr. Tomiyama said, "Is this really lentin?"

■ For pancake note lovers, that popular manga artist is also there!

By the way, information that Chika Umino, the author of the popular manga "Honey and Clover" and "March Comes In Like Lion", is also a favorite reader of this book. Mr. Haumino also tweeted about his love for pancakes on his Twitter account! Maybe that woman, Sensei Haumino, who is eating pancakes in the seat next to me ...?

Chika Umino is also introduced on Twitter!
Chika Umino is also introduced on Twitter!

"Pancakes" that both adults and children love. Please take this notebook and jump out into the city ♪