"Cheese Rolling 2013" was held in the UK on May 27th. In addition to the first men's race and women's race, which are often featured in the media, there will be three more races by male participants, and the winner will be decided in each race.

The winner of this year's 4th race was Tomoaki Tanaka, who participated from Japan.

Cheese Rolling Festival 2013 (Source: Daily Mirror)
Cheese Rolling Festival 2013 (Source: Daily Mirror)

The En-eating editorial department interviewed Mr. Tanaka through Facebook. He told me about various circumstances of the Cheese Rolling Festival, which is not reported in the media.

■ Only the first race rolls the cheese

According to Mr. Tanaka, cheese was rolled at this festival, and participants chased it only in the first race. From the second race onward, the cheese will not be rolled, and the competition will be just a group run down the slope.

Mr. Tanaka grabbed the cheese and participated with the intention of winning. For this reason, he was shocked when he learned that cheese would not be rolled in the races he participated in.

It is said that which race to run will be decided in the order in which they are lined up in the line of applicants.

■ There is also a race that runs up the slope

At this festival, there are races that not only run down the slope but also run up. It is said that there are three departments, men, women, and children.

Even in this run-up competition, cheese has nothing to do with it. That's because cheese that runs up the hill on its own doesn't exist in Britain yet.

■ Mr. Tanaka participates in ninja cosplay

Mr. Tanaka participated in this festival with a ninja cosplay. It was very popular with the children and the media around him, and he was constantly asked to take pictures.

Mr. Tanaka who participated in ninja cosplay
Mr. Tanaka who participated in ninja cosplay

Mr. Tanaka learned that the talent Daisuke Miyagawa participated in this festival in 2007 and was ranked second, so he participated in aiming for a higher ranking. In other words, he participated with the aim of winning. And, according to that goal, Mr. Tanaka won the championship. This is really great!

Thank you, Mr. Tanaka, for your cooperation in the interview. Next year, be sure to line up early to win the first race and win the cheese!