The sandwich "Subway" will run a "Subway Day" campaign for two days, March 28th and 29th. During the campaign period, regular sizes of "Roast Beef" and "Subway Club" will be sold for 290 yen, which is a "200 yen discount".

About 40% off "Roast Beef" and "Subway Club"!
About 40% off "Roast Beef" and "Subway Club"!

This campaign is being held to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the landing of "Subway" in Japan. At noon on the first day, March 28, it seems that customers were lining up at many stores. Some of the strong men ordered 2 or 3 pieces by themselves.

The En-eating editorial department also visited a Subway store near the company. I confirmed that there was a considerable queue. But the movement of the procession is very smooth. You can buy it without waiting too much. According to the clerk, most customers order only subway clubs or roast beef, so it's surprisingly easy to handle.

The "Subway Club" targeted by this campaign is a sandwich sandwiched between turkey, roast beef and pork ham. Served with balsamic sauce. The other target product, "Roast Beef," is a roast beef! (Vegetables are included, of course) Served in horseradish sauce.

How about a Subway sandwich for lunch on Friday? You can buy 20 "Umaibo" for the discount of 200 yen!