Haagen-Dazs Japan has released a report summarizing their impressions after having Mr. Susumu Koyama of Patissier Escoyama taste the "Haagen-Dazs Rare Cheesecake" released on February 4th.

Mr. Koyama, who tasted the product, commented, "I enjoyed the Haagen-Dazs style of'delicious ice cream'rather than'commercial ice cream'," and mentioned two good points about the product.

■ "Balance" and "aftertaste" are highly evaluated

The first point is good balance. According to Mr. Koyama, the strength of cream cheese is an important point in "rare cheesecake." If you emphasize cream cheese too much, it tends to be "sloppy". However, this product had a good balance between the strength and texture of the cream cheese, and the cream cheese was moderately thick, and the mouthfeel was very smooth.

The second point is how to use honey lemon sauce. The flavors of honey and lemon melt in the mouth one after another, and each taste spreads with a time lag, creating a deep taste. "Cheese, honey, lemon. It feels like the ingredients are firmly present. Also, the honey lemon sauce mixes in the mouth and enhances the flavor of the cheese, further accentuating the quality. I felt that I was there "(Mr. Koyama).

So that's it! It feels like "Haagen Dazs!" ...! Have you eaten yet? ??