In recent years, hot pot dishes with new tastes such as "tomato hot pot" using tomato sauce and "salt koji hot pot" which is a recent seasoning boom. According to the Taste and Aroma Strategy Research Institute, the key to making delicious hot pot dishes is to "cross" the taste that complements the base taste.

● “Taste combination” points of trendy hot pot taste

Introducing the "taste technique" by the institute to make each of the four tastes "tomato hot pot", "kimchi hot pot", "salt koji hot pot", and "soy milk hot pot" popular on the winter table even more delicious!

Which pot did you eat?
Which pot did you eat?

[Tomato pot] Tomato x kelp soup stock

First of all, "tomato pot". Since tomatoes are vegetables that can be used to make dashi stock, it is said that adding a “layer” of plant-based flavor will add depth. At the same institute, "Kelp Dashi (or Kelp Tea)" is recommended!

[Kimchi pot] Kimchi x sesame oil

Let's put "sesame oil" in the spicy "kimchi pot"! The combination of spicy taste and fats and oils creates a so-called "addictive taste". The fragrance and taste are improved, and you can expect the "effect of making it harder to cool"!

[Salt Koji Hot Pot] Salt Koji x Bone Meat

The much-talked-about "Shio Koji Nabe" goes great with "Bone-in chicken meat"! It is said that if you carefully remove the dashi stock with bone-in meat first, the taste of chicken will be enhanced by the salted jiuqu and the finish will be more delicious.

[Soy milk pot] Soy milk x Doubanjiang sauce

"Doubanjiang sauce" is recommended for "soy milk pot" that is also active in girls' associations! By making a combination of "Doubanjiang + Miso" and "Doubanjiang + Soy Sauce", you can make a hot pot with a sweating effect!

A hot pot dish that changes to various tastes depending on the combination of dashi, ingredients, and condiments. It may be a good idea to arrange these seasonings and see the taste you like very much!

● By the way ... What kind of beer goes well with hot pot dishes?

For hot pot dishes with high temperature and umami, a drink with a "bitter taste", that is, "beer" is effective as an accent during meals. The institute has created a "Beer Taste Beverage Map" to introduce beer that suits hot pot dishes.

Beer taste beverage map [Source: Aroma Strategy Research Institute]
Beer taste beverage map [Source: Aroma Strategy Research Institute]

According to this, "Premium Malt's" (Suntory), which has the most relaxing scent of the best-selling beers, and "Super Drive Rack" (Asahi), which has the best balance of taste in the current beer market, are available. It is listed as a beer that goes well with hot pot dishes!

"Premium Malt's" matches well with the relaxing effect of "Aroma", which is the true value of Premol, because the aroma of hot pot dishes that raise the temperature in the mouth is easy to stand out! The hot pot that you eat while feeling the mellow scent certainly looks delicious ...!

"Super Drive Rack" has the characteristic of "rich but modest bitterness", which is perfect for hot pot dishes! It seems that a little "umami" beer goes well because it is a hot pot dish with a dashi stock.

Cold days are still going on. Please take this opportunity to try the combination of flavors that make hot pot dishes delicious, and the combination with recommended beer!