Matsuya "Kimchi beef pot"

At Matsuya, "Kimchi Beef Nabe" will be on sale at 3:00 pm on January 11th, and "Sukiyaki Beef Meshi" will be on sale at 10:00 am on January 18th (excluding some stores).

Kimchi beef pot

"Matsuya's exquisite kimchi", which is well-received in the side menu, will be the main character this time. Matsuya's popular beef, kimchi, and tofu are packed tightly in one pot to warm your body and soul. If you break the thick egg, it will be entwined with a hot pot and change to a mellow taste. It is a delicious and greedy hot pot that you can enjoy once and twice. Limited sale from 3 pm to 5 am.

Matsuya "Kimchi beef pot"

The tax-included price is 580 yen for the "Kimchi beef pot set (with rice and miso soup)" and 780 yen for the "Kimchi beef pot meat double set (with rice and miso soup)". To commemorate the new release, a large serving of rice will be served free of charge to those who ordered the "Kimchi beef pot set" and "Kimchi beef pot meat double set" until 10:00 am on January 18.

Grilled kimchi beef rice

A dish that adds kimchi to the "grilled beef rice" that was very popular with many people last year. The rich kimchi made at the foot of Mt. Fuji and the exquisite spiciness of gochujang-based takkarubidare bring out the deliciousness. By topping with a thick egg, the taste becomes mellow and the rice goes further.

Matsuya "Grilled Kimchi Beef Rice"

The price including tax is 480 yen (normal) and 630 yen (large) with miso soup. If you want to take it home, you can purchase miso soup separately for 60 yen. * Grilled kimchi beef rice is not eligible for the beef rice increase sale that is being held until 3:00 pm on January 25th.