Sagamiya Foods Co., Ltd., which released "Z'Gok Tofu for Nabe! " On October 3, will hold a "Z'GOK Nabe Photo Contest" from November 21 to January of the following year, soliciting photos of hot pot dishes that express the world of Gundam. It will be held until the 11th!

The works to be judged in this contest are hot pot dishes using "For hot pot! Z'Gok tofu". It expresses the world view of Gundam in a diorama style, and it is limited to unpublished original ones.

The winners of the Excellence Award (3 people) will be presented with the original pot "Miharu's missile pot" that matches the famous scene where Z'Gok appears. In addition, the winners (5 people) will also be presented with original hot pot goods with the character of "Mobile Suit Gundam" as a motif!

A hot pot dish like this?
A hot pot dish like this?

The contest application page will open on November 21st on the special website.

It seems that high-level works with Gundam love and Z'Gok love will be available. If you say "I am!", Why not apply?