The new "Zaku Tofu Dessert Specification" will be added to the "Zaku Tofu" which has sold a total of about 1.4 million units for a limited time from October 3rd to November 30th!

Coloring that is easier than the current "Zaku Tofu"
Coloring that is easier than the current "Zaku Tofu"

"Zaku Tofu Dessert Specification" is a product that contains tofu in a container with the motif of Zaku's head, like the current "Zaku Tofu". This "dessert specification" is tailored to a slightly sweet taste with a vanilla taste!

In addition, the color of the container has been changed from the current green color to a skeleton type that is nostalgic with Gunpla, making the cream color (vanilla) inside more prominent.

The price is open. Sales are mainly in supermarkets and shopping malls mainly in the Kanto area. During the same period, the current "Zaku Tofu" will be closed.

For a limited time, it seems that many aircraft will sortie this time as well! By the way, " Z'Gok " is also developed as tofu.