It's getting colder, and you can feel winter in earnest, and you can see winter sweets one after another at convenience stores and supermarkets. Feeling the season with sweets, isn't it also fun? ... I wonder ...

Speaking of winter sweets, so raw chocolate. It's a sweet that melts loosely in your mouth and has a rich taste. It seems that a new type of ice cream that wraps ice cream in such raw chocolate has appeared.

Oh, it's a package that makes that ice cream a little reminiscent ...?
Oh, it's a package that makes that ice cream a little reminiscent ...?

"LOTTE rich chocolate" is an ice cream created by the joint development of Lotte Ice Cream and 7-ELEVEN. Lotte Ice's first new product, which uses Lotte's original technology of "wrapping ice cream" to wrap ice cream in raw chocolate, isn't it? With chocolate? Wrap? What do you mean ...

A premium product that pursues a cool melt in the mouth, a rich taste of raw chocolate that wraps it, and a soft texture that is unique to ice cream. We are particular about the ingredients, and you can enjoy the taste of a combination of rich and strong raw chocolate blended with several types of cacao beans and milky ice cream mixed with fresh cream. Hmmm, looking at the package, the chocolate doesn't seem to be that thick, but what's going on?

Speaking of Lotte, Yukimi Daifuku's boss is silent even for crying children ... I'm sure he wraps ice cream in chocolate with high-tech technology that we can't imagine. Speaking of which, the package is somewhat like Yukimi Daifuku ...?

By the way, it is said that raw chocolate is defined as chocolate that satisfies all of chocolate dough of 60% or more, cream of 10% or more, and moisture of 10% or more! Trivia. This is on sale at 7-Eleven, and the price is 189 yen. I would like to try eating it to see how it is wrapped.