Starbucks "Hojicha & Classic Tea Latte

Starbucks "Hojicha & Classic Tea Latte"

Starbucks will re-launch the popular "Hojicha & Classic Tea Latte" on June 12, 2021, which was first released in summer 2021. Since then, it has been sold as a regular item.

Hojicha & Classic Tea


The "Hojicha & Classic Tea Latte," which was introduced in June 2021 and sold out after a great success, will be re-launched this summer and join the regular product lineup to be enjoyed year-round. This iced tea latte combines the savory aroma of hojicha and the rich flavor of black tea with fresh cream and white mocha-flavored syrup to create a multilayered tea latte.

The hojicha is a well-balanced blend of two types of tea leaves: one with a pronounced kinako-like aroma and the other with a cacao-like depth. The tea base, originally developed by Starbucks for this beverage, is layered with black tea for a pleasantly astringent taste.

The combination of mild white chocolate flavored syrup and rich fresh cream creates a tea latte that is both sweet and refreshing. We recommend adding whipped cream and sauces to find your favorite customization.

Available in Hot and Iced. Prices are 501 yen for a Short, 540 yen for a Tall, 584 yen for a Grande, and 628 yen for a Venti to go, and 510 yen for a Short, 550 yen for a Tall, 595 yen for a Grande, and 640 yen for a Venti in the store (tax included).

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