Famima's limited "Iyemon Cafe Jasmine Tea Latte".

Iyemon Cafe Jasmine Tea Latte, supervised by Iyemon Cafe, will be sold exclusively at Family Mart. The product will go on sale on July 26. The price is 149 yen (tax included, same below).

Iyemon Cafe Jasmine Tea Latte

Iyemon Cafe Jasmine Tea Latte is characterized by the gorgeous aroma of jasmine and the gentle sweetness of the latte, as well as a light aftertaste from the sharpness of Iyemon's unique tea leaves. It is designed to be a new tea latte with a soothing aroma that makes a break from work or household chores a little more festive and special than usual. The package design has a Japanese feel, but incorporates elements of a modern café, making it easy to enjoy the authentic taste of Iyemon. The new tea latte blends jasmine and mild milk to create a cup of tea that makes you feel as luxurious as if you were in a café.

To celebrate the release of "Iyemon Cafe Jasmine Tea Latte," a special menu "Jasmine Tea Latte (hot/ice)" will also be available at Iyemon Cafe outlets. The price is 680 yen.