Godiva "Hokkaido Melon Chocolixer" and "Cacao Fruit Juice Hokkaido Melon

Godiva "

Hokkaido Melon Chocolixer

" and "Cacao Fruit Juice Hokkaido Melon"

Godiva's Chocolixer stores will sell a new flavor of the chocolate drink "Chocolixer", "Hokkaido Melon Chocolixer", and at cacao fruit juice stores "Cacao Fruit Juice Hokkaido Melon" will be available from June 7 to August 29. Limited quantities and time period; sales will end as soon as the product is gone.

Hokkaido Melon


A summer-only drink using Hokkaido red melon, characterized by its melting texture, luxurious sweetness, and juicy bright orange flesh, is now available. The "Hokkaido Melon Chocolixer" combines the milky and gentle taste of white chocolate with a sauce and jelly made from red flesh Hokkaido melon. The mellow melon aroma, enveloping gentle sweetness, and jelly texture make for a luxurious taste perfect for summer.

Godiva "Hokkaido Melon Chocolixa

The regular size is priced at 790 yen/280 ml, and the large size at 900 yen/370 ml (tax included). Sold at chocolixer stores nationwide.

Cacao Fruit Juice Hokkaido Melon

A refreshing frozen drink available only during the summer season that combines the sweet and sour tropical flavor of cacao fruit with the elegant sweetness of red meat melons from Hokkaido. The drink is designed to provide a gradation of flavors, starting with the taste of cacao fruits such as lychee and passion fruit and ending with the mellow aroma of melon.

Godiva "Cacao Fruit Juice Hokkaido Melon

The regular size is priced at 690 yen/260 ml (tax included). Sold at cacao fruit juice stores nationwide.

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