Ministop "Okayama Hakuto Soft

Ministop "Okayama Hakuto Soft"

"Okayama Hakuto Soft" and "Okayama Hakuto Mixed Soft" using juice from Okayama white peaches will be released sequentially at Ministop starting Friday, March 10, and will be available nationwide through Friday, March 17. Premium Hakuto Soft," which offers both taste and appearance, will also be available.

Okayama Hakuto

Soft / Okayama Hakuto Mixed Soft

Okayama Hakuto is a popular premium fruit. The beautiful whiteness of the peaches is produced by carefully bagging them one by one to avoid direct sunlight and growing them as they are until harvest.

Ministop "Okayama Hakuto Soft

Okayama white peach juice is used to express the juiciness of peaches. By reducing the acidity, the milk component is well balanced, and the gorgeous aroma of peaches can be enjoyed.

Ministop "Okayama Hakuto Mix Soft

Priced at 313.20 yen each (tax included, same below). The "Okayama Hakuto Soft" has 251 kcal (144 kcal per cup) and the "Okayama Hakuto Mix Soft" has 260 kcal (153 kcal per cup).

Ministop "Okayama Hakuto Soft

The "Tokumori Soft Okayama Hakuto" and "Tokumori Soft Okayama Hakuto Mix" are priced at 421.20 yen each. The energy values are 230 kcal for "Tokumori Soft Okayama Hakuto" and 244 kcal for "Tokumori Soft Okayama Hakuto Mix.

Ministop "Tokumori Soft Okayama Hakuto" and "Tokumori Soft Okayama Hakuto Mix



Soft: A premium version of "Okayama Shiratomo Soft. Topped with pulpy white peach sauce and caramelized white peaches. Price: 421.20 yen.

Ministop "Premium White Peach Soft

Prices are based on the reduced tax rate of 8% applicable to take-out. The standard tax rate of 10% applies when eating or drinking at the eat-in space. When purchased as a single item, the price is rounded down to the nearest whole number of yen.
The starting date of sales differs depending on the store.
The production line is shared with products that contain eggs at the raw material manufacturing plant.

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Applicable products: Okayama Hakuto Soft (mix and cup also applicable), Premium Hakuto Soft (cup also applicable)
Coupon details: 20 yen off the price of Okayama Hakuto Soft, 50 yen off the price of Premium Hakuto Soft
Coupon usage period: Start of sales - Thursday, March 23