Komeda Coffee Shop "Pepper Pork and Egg Sandwich with Many Ingredients

Komeda Coffee Shop "Pepper Pork and

Egg Sandwich"

"Pepper Pork and Egg Sandwich" will be available at Komeda Coffee Shop from June 5 to early July. The limited quantity will end as soon as all the sandwiches are sold out at each store. Prices range from 980 yen to 1,070 yen (tax included, prices vary by store).

Pepper pork

and egg sandwich with lots of ingredients

: Pepper pork with a pinch of black pepper, handmade egg paste prepared in the store, and crispy lettuce are sandwiched together with Komeda's special soft, fluffy mountain bread. To fully enjoy the spicy flavor of the pepper pork, 12 slices are used in this luxurious sandwich. The soft-tasting egg paste envelops the pepper pork and enhances its flavor. This is a special sandwich only available now that focuses on the volume and "deliciousness" that is typical of Komeda.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Pepper Pork and Egg Sandwich with Many Ingredients

Pepper pork is a spicy boneless ham with a dusting of black pepper that is packed with the flavor of pork. You can enjoy its moist, tender and crispy texture even when layered.

The handmade egg paste is simply seasoned with egg, mayonnaise, salt and pepper, and has a nostalgic and comforting gentle taste. It is handmade by our staff at the store.

The lettuce enhances the taste of the other ingredients. The crispy and fresh texture accentuates the taste of the other ingredients.

Yama Shokuban bread made with high quality flour is soft and chewy. Slow baking at a low temperature makes the ears thin and soft. Komeda Coffee Shop sandwiches are served with ears.

This product can be changed to toast. Toast is cut into three pieces and served.
* This product uses spicy mayonnaise, can be changed to without spicy mayonnaise.

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