Komeda Coffee Shop "Gracro

Komeda Coffee Shop Seasonal

"Gratine Croquette

" Seasonal "Gratine Croquette" is now available at Komeda Coffee Shop. The seasonal burger, named after the "gratin croquette," combines five kinds of cheese with Komeda's special Domi-Gras sauce.


Croquettes Komeda's winter staple, the "Gratins Croquette," is back for another season. This year's Gratin Croquette features a creamy white sauce made with five kinds of cheese, fresh cream, and Hokkaido cream, which was popular last year. The five cheeses used are Gouda, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan, and Edam.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Gracro

The white sauce boasts the creamy flavor of fresh cream and Hokkaido cream with the deep richness and flavor of cheese. The hot gratin is wrapped in a crispy batter, tossed with Komeda's special Domi-Gras sauce, which is slowly simmered to bring out the flavor of the vegetables, and sandwiched between a bun with cabbage. The gratin is then sandwiched between two buns with cabbage. Pepper sauce can be added if desired for a tangy, robust flavor.

Prices range from 610 yen to 680 yen (tax included). Prices vary by store and will be available from November 16, 2022 to late February 2023.