Komeda Coffee Shop "Yangnyom Chicken Katsu Bread

Komeda Coffee Shop "Yangnyeom

Chicken Katsu Bread" A new product, "Yangnyeom Chicken Katsu Bread," will go on sale at Komeda Coffee Stores nationwide on Friday, February 24, and will be available until early April. Available for To go (To go).

Yangnyeom Chicken


Buns Yangnyeom Chicken, which originated in Korea and is made by mixing fried chicken with a sweet and spicy sauce made from red pepper paste, garlic, sugar, and other ingredients, is now available in a cutlet bun, just like at Komeda. The chicken cutlet is soft and tender wrapped in a crispy batter, and the crispy cabbage and other ingredients are well mixed with the sauce.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Yangnyom Chicken Katsu Bread

The special yangnyom sauce has a perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness. The mild sweetness of honey, the flavor of gochujang (red pepper paste), and the richness of garlic can be felt.

Prices range from 930 to 1,020 yen (tax included). Price varies depending on the store.

This is a slightly spicy product. Please note that those who do not like spicy food and children should be careful.
Because this product contains "honey," do not give to infants under 1 year old.
Yangnyeom chicken is not included in the product.
This product contains spicy mayonnaise. It is possible to change to without spicy mayonnaise.
This product contains spicy mayonnaise.