McDonald's "Premium Roast Ice Coffee

McDonald's "

Premium Roast Ice Coffee" McDonald's will be renewing its "Premium Roast Ice Coffee" for the first time in four years and will start selling it on May 22. Prices range from 120 yen for an S size, 180 yen for an M size, and 250 yen for an L size (tax included). In-store prices differ at some stores and delivery services.


Roast Ice Coffee

McDonald's began selling "Premium Roast Coffee" in 2008 with the hope that customers would enjoy the authentic coffee made with the highest quality beans. It is a very popular mainstay product that can be enjoyed in any season and on any occasion. As people's tastes change, we have made a series of renewals to provide even better tasting coffee.

The product was completely renewed for the first time in four years in order to offer "Premium Roast Ice Coffee" with better taste and quality. The "slow drip" method, which carefully brews coffee one drop at a time, has been used to bring out the true flavor of the coffee beans, and the "rapid cooling" process allows the coffee to be cooled quickly, making it easy to drink. The new product has added these new features.

McDonald's "Premium Roast Ice Coffee

In addition to these features, the new product has improved the balance of the flavor by reviewing the roasting degree of the beans used exclusively for iced coffee and roasting each bean separately. An additional "steeping" process releases gas to extract the beans' natural components, resulting in a crisp and refreshing taste with a clean aftertaste.

The renewed premium roasted iced coffee, which has a full-bodied yet refreshing aftertaste, was selected with confidence after internal and external project members compared multiple candidates and confirmed their compatibility with the Big Mac. You can enjoy the authentic taste not only with a meal, but also in various situations such as a morning cup, an after-dinner cup, or a cup during a break.

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