Akagi Nyugyo "Garigari-kun Rich Choco Mint

Akagi Nyugyo "Garigari-kun Rich Choco Mint"

Akagi Nyugyo will release "Garigari-kun Rich Choco Mint" with thicker milk throughout Japan on May 7.

Garigari-kun Rich Choco


"Garigari-kun Rich Choco Mint" is a mint ice cream popsicle containing mint shaved ice with chocolate chips. It has been renewed to the Ice Milk standard (conventional product: lacto ice standard) with more milk ingredients than the conventional product. The taste of milk, the texture of the chocolate chips, the coolness of the mint, and the freshness of the ice can be enjoyed.

Akagi Nyugyo "Garigari-kun Rich Choco Mint

The ice cream stick is entitled "Garigari-kun Willow! Choco Mint Edition," and in addition to the regular plain sticks, six original sticks are available, each featuring a design of Garigarikun and the 5, 7, and 5 willows associated with the six letters in the word "Choco Mint. The original sticks are included at random and are rare due to the limited quantity.

Product Outline】
Garigari-kun Rich Choco Mint
Suggested Retail Price: 173 yen (including tax)
Type: Ice Milk
Capacity: 100 ml
Energy: 137 kcal
Launch Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2024
Launch Area: Nationwide

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