Shaved ice cafe Banpaku's "chocolate mint"
Chocolate mint!

"Shaved Ice Cafe Banpaku" is now very popular in Sangenjaya, Tokyo. It is a shop that is open only during the day, renting a bar "LIVE BAR Sangenchaya Come Together" that looks like a hideaway in the basement.

Shaved ice cafe Banpaku
Quietly under the stairs

The menu on the day I visited is quite attractive, such as "Mango Milk", "Strawberry Milk", and "Honey Lemon Rare Cheese". After worrying about it, I chose "chocolate mint". The price was 900 yen, and it was a system that also made payments when ordering.

After waiting for about 5 minutes, the shaved ice of "THE chocolate mint" was carried on a plate. Mint green is a cool dish for your eyes.

Shaved ice cafe Banpaku's "chocolate mint"
There is height

The fine ice that melts in your mouth is like snow. The coldness of the ice and the refreshing flavor combine to create a tremendous refreshing feeling! Each bite has a soft scent of mint.

Shaved ice cafe Banpaku's "chocolate mint"
Fleeting mouth

Accented with crispy chocolate toppings. The heat of the tongue gently melts and spreads the sweetness. There is also a layer of chocolate inside! The freshness and the richness and fragrance of cacao add to the insane happiness. It was delicious and I brought it to my mouth more and more, but my head wasn't keen at all.

Shaved ice cafe Banpaku's "chocolate mint"
Chocolate inside!

In addition, it is said that it will be lined up in the store from 10 minutes before the opening time. It is recommended to check the status such as waiting time on Twitter of the store before going.