KKD "Suite America Hershey's", "Suite America Oreo", "Suite America M & M's"

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (KKD) will be participating in a campaign to promote the American national sweets brands "HERSHEY'S", "OREO", and "M&M'S". Sweet America 2022" promotion will run from April 27 through late May (excluding events and retail stores other than KKD stores).

Sweet America 2022

The campaign is a collaboration between KKD and HERSHEY'S, OREO, and M&M'S, three brands that have their roots in the U.S. and are loved around the world as representative American sweets. This is the third promotion since the first promotion in Japan in 2017, and the response from overseas has been great, with inspired promotions at KKDs around the world. 3 types of collaborative doughnuts and sets are now available.

Sweet America Hershey's

A collaboration with HERSHEY'S, a high-quality chocolate brand with over 100 years of history. The chocolate dough doughnut is layered with milky white chocolate, and then combined with a sweet chocolate cream and a line of bitter chocolate. It is topped with a large semi-sweet chocolate chip from HERSHEY'S. This rich doughnut offers a variety of chocolate tastes. The price is 291 yen (eat-in 297 yen).

KKD "Sweet America Hershey's"

Sweet America Oreo

A collaboration doughnut with "OREO" cookies featuring bittersweet cocoa cookies and mellow vanilla cream. The doughnut is a ring doughnut with a soft chocolate flavor, topped with a rich, smooth white cream and a generous amount of crushed OREO cookies. Finally, a whole OREO cookie is decorated on top. Enjoy the smooth cream and crunchy OREOs in this doughnut. The price is 291 yen (eat-in 297 yen).

KKD "Sweet America Oreo"

Sweet America M & M's

A collaboration doughnut with colorful chocolate "M&M'S". The fluffy dough is coated with pudding-flavored chocolate. The doughnut is decorated with the iconic chocolate "m" symbol and crispy sprinkles. The price is 291 yen (297 yen for eat-in).

KKD "Suite America M & M's"

Sweet America Dozen (12 pieces)

This 12-piece box includes the collaboration doughnut, the popular original glazed doughnut, and chocolate sprinkles. Price: 2,376 yen (eat-in 2,420 yen).

KKD "Sweet America Dozen (12 pieces)"

Sweet America Half Dozen (6 pieces)

A six-pack containing three kinds of collaborations, original glazed, and chocolate sprinkles, a classic favorite. Priced at 1,360 yen (1,386 yen eat-in).

KKD "Sweet America Half Dozen (6)"

Sweet America Box (3 pieces)

3 collaborative doughnuts. Price: 842 yen (eat-in 858 yen).

KKD "Sweet America Box (3 pcs.)"