Starbucks SAKURA Season 2023 Food

Starbucks SAKURA Season 2023 Food

The first installment of SAKURA Season 2023 will start on Wednesday, February 15 at Starbucks. In addition to beverages such as the " Sakura Blooming Saku Frappuccino," Starbucks will also offer gorgeous food items that remind us of the arrival of spring.

Sakura and Matcha Doughnuts

: Spring doughnuts made with a soft and fluffy matcha doughnut dough, filled with matcha cream, and finished with a Sakura coating and a matcha coating. The moderate matcha flavor from the dough and cream is a perfect match with the sweetness of the cherry blossom coating.

Priced at 285 yen to-go and 290 yen for in-store use.



The popular annual Sakura Donut, which has been on sale for five years since 2018, has been renewed this year. The sugar doughnut dough is coated with a slightly sweet, mouthwatering cherry blossom coating and topped with two types of cherry blossom powder of different colors and flavors. The cherry blossom flavor and the texture of the dough have been kept, but the fluffiness has been slightly increased.

Priced at 270 yen for take-out and 275 yen for in-store use.

Sakura Chiffon C

ake A chiffon cake with a gentle fragrance inspired by cherry blossoms is also available this year. The firm, elastic and moist Sakura chiffon dough is kneaded with cherry leaf powder and topped with salted cherry blossoms. The salty taste accentuates the cherry blossom flavor until the very last bite.

Priced at 432 yen for take-out and 440 yen for in-store use.

Two kinds of ball cookies (Sakura & Maccha)

These cookie balls have a soft and fluffy texture with the flavors of cherry blossoms and maccha green tea. Packaged in a tin box with a design of cherry blossoms in full bloom, they make a perfect gift for a loved one. Priced at 2,100 yen for take-out.