Pizza Hut "Tsukimi Hut Melts

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ut Tsukimi Hut Melts Pizza Hut will offer a new product, Tsukimi Hut Melts, for a limited time only. The product will be available from September 1 to October 22.


Hut Melts" is a new version of the popular "Hut Melts" with a moon-viewing twist, featuring a crispy dough filled with melted cheese and egg yolk-like sauce. The "Solo Pizza" is a more advanced version of the "Solo Pizza". The set includes two kinds of dipping sauces, "Honey Mustard Sauce" and "Mentaiko Sauce," which can be enjoyed freely.

The set includes a moon viewing hat melt, hat fried potatoes, and two dipping sauces (honey mustard sauce and cod roe sauce). You can choose from the following two toppings

Goku-uma Teri-chiki

: Jwahtty, delicious teriyaki chicken with a fun, crunchy corn texture! Priced at 880 yen for take-out and 1,180 yen for delivery (both including tax).

Pizza Hut "Gokuuma Terichiki

Savory Bacon

: A combination of rich and delicious bacon, cheese and sauce! A sure-fire taste! Priced at 880 yen for take-out and 1,180 yen for delivery.

Pizza Hut "Scented Bacon

Not available at some stores.
Additional toppings and minus toppings are not available.
* All pizzas are not eligible for 30% off delivery and 50% off to-go.
* A delivery fee of 250 yen per delivery will be charged for delivery orders.
* Minimum delivery order amounts are set per store.
* The information listed may change without notice. The contents are subject to change without notice.
Quantity is limited and sales are subject to change depending on the store.