Morozov's "Girls' Festival Sweets
Hinamatsuri with Western sweets!

Morozoff "Hinamatsuri" Limited Time Sweets

Morozoff will be selling limited time sweets for the Girls' Festival. There will be many cup-type sweets that can be enjoyed by a small number of people. They will be available from March 1st to 3rd.

The main contents and prices are as follows. All prices are exclusive of tax.

Spring Temari

Morozov's "Girls' Festival Sweets
Girls' Festival Spring Festival

The "Hinamatsuri Harutemari" is priced at 1,500 yen. It is about 14.5 cm in diameter, with a fluffy sponge filled with gently sweetened strawberry cream, wrapped with crème Chantilly and white, pink, and red cop chocolate. It is said to have a refreshing spring flavor.

Party Set

Morozov's "Girls' Festival Sweets
Hinamatsuri Party Set

The Hinamatsuri Party Set, priced at 1,400 yen, is an assortment of gorgeous cupcakes, each about 7cm in diameter, decorated in the Hinamatsuri style. The Ohinasama and Odari-sama are made of fluffy sponge with hand-cooked custard cream, and the Harutemari (mini) cupcakes are filled with strawberry cream.

Strawberry Cake (Mascarpone)

Morozov's "Girls' Festival Sweets
Doll's Festival Strawberry Cake (Mascarpone)

Hinamatsuri Strawberry Cake (Mascarpone) is priced at 400 yen. It consists of a light mascarpone and cream cheese rare cheese cake with meringue, pistachio sponge, and strawberry mascarpone cream.

Custard Pudding

Morozov's "Girls' Festival Sweets
Girls' Day Custard Pudding

Hinamatsuri Custard Pudding" is 450 yen. It measures about 7.8cm x 9.5cm in diameter (including the container) and is made of Morozoff's popular custard pudding with strawberry flavored sponge, crème Chantilly, and fresh strawberry decorations.

Danish Cream Cheese Cake

Morozov's "Girls' Festival Sweets
Hina Matsuri Danish Cream Cheese Cake

The "Hina Matsuri Danish Cream Cheese Cake" is 1,000 yen. The cake is about 17cm in diameter (including the container) and is made with Morozov's popular Danish cream cheese cake and decorated with cute dolls in white chocolate powder.