Morozoff "Hokkaido Fuwa Nama Cheese Cake

Morozoff New Products

Morozoff will sell "Hokkaido Fuwa Nama Cheese Cake", a cheese cake in a glass container, for a limited time only to celebrate "Cheese Day" on November 11. The product will be on sale from November 11 to November 12.

The soft and fluffy rare cheese


is made with two kinds of cheese from Hokkaido, "cream cheese" and "fromage blanc," and French honey, and is topped with a sweet and sour raspberry sauce and a soft sponge crumb. The cheesecake is topped with a generous amount of soft sponge crumbs.

The cheesecake is served in the glass container that has become synonymous with Morozoff. The cheesecake can be eaten with a spoon, so it can be enjoyed at any place and any occasion. This product is recommended as a gift, a souvenir, or a treat for yourself. The price is 324 yen (tax included, same as below).

Morozoff "Hokkaido Fuwa Nama Cheese Cake

Royal Cream


Cake Royal Cream Cheese Cake is also available. The rich, milky cream cheese from Arla BUKO, a brand of cream cheese that holds a royal Danish warrant, is accented with the flavor of lemon and baked to a golden brown in a glass container specially made by Morozov. The cheesecake is baked in Morozoff's special glass container and has a golden color. The price is 302 yen.

Morozoff "Royal Cream Cheese Cake