Morozoff "Custard Pudding and Blue Sky Jelly

Puddings "Custard Pudding and Blue Sky Jelly" and "Custard Pudding and Evening Sky Jelly" in collaboration with "company employee who eats too much sweets" Nozaki will be sold by Morozoff at Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Daimaru Umeda branch. They will be on sale from October 19 to October 25.

Custard Pudding and Blue Sky Jelly

Muscat-flavored jelly with a hint of kirsch, gently sweet milk jelly, cherries that resemble the sun, and Morozov's classic custard pudding with milky caramel sauce. Milky sweetness and refreshing jelly go well together in this new combination. Priced at 450 yen (excluding tax, same as below).

Morozoff "Custard Pudding and Blue Sky Jelly

Custard pudding and evening sky jelly

Mango jelly with its rich sweetness, refreshing orange jelly, sweet and sour amatsu (which evokes the image of a sunset), and Morozoff's classic custard pudding are combined with bittersweet caramel sauce. The bittersweet caramel sauce and the sweet and sour sweet summer and mango are a perfect combination. Price: 450 yen.

Morozoff "Custard Pudding and Evening Sky Jelly

Pudding and Cheesecake" will also be available. This is a Morozoff traditional sweet in a glass cup that combines custard pudding and soft, melt-in-your-mouth smooth cheesecake. The egg-rich custard pudding is layered with a melt-in-your-mouth cheesecake made with Hokkaido cream cheese and mascarpone. Price: 450 yen.

Morozoff "Pudding and Cheesecake"