OOTOYA "Mixed Fried Hokkaido Salmon and Wooden Boy Set Meal" and "Fried Oysters and Wooden Boy Set Meal" (large oysters from Etajima, Hiroshima Prefecture)

Ootoya is offering a limited autumn menu featuring mushrooms: "Mixed Fried Hokkaido Salmon and Mushrooms", "Fried Oysters and Mushrooms with Oyster Sauce from Etajima, Hiroshima Prefecture", and "Seafood Soup with Broth and Mushrooms in a Clay Pot" from September 2 to November 3, 2012.

Ootoya is particular about the aroma, texture, and flavor of mushrooms, and uses "kinoko," which grow out of sawdust produced in Japan and distributed only a few times throughout Japan. The eringi mushrooms are grown in Tottori Prefecture, the shiitake mushrooms in Niigata Prefecture, and the shimeji mushrooms in Nagano Prefecture, and we separate the production areas for each type in order to deliver the most delicious products.

Mixed Fried Hokkaido Autumn Salmon and Mushrooms Set Meal

OTOYA's special fresh breadcrumbs are used to fry the fatty Hokkaido salmon, eringi mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms to a crisp and fluffy perfection. The tartar sauce with shiso leaves, prepared in the restaurant, is a perfect match. A refreshing way to enjoy the taste of autumn. Set meal price: 1,080 yen, single item price: 930 yen (tax included, same as below).

OOTOYA "Mixed Fried Hokkaido Salmon and Wooden Salmon roe Set Meal".

Fried Oysters from Etajima, Hiroshima Prefecture with Oyster Sauce and Wood Oyster Sauce

This dish features large oysters from Etajima, Hiroshima Prefecture, in a secret sweet and spicy sauce with oyster sauce. The aroma of the mushrooms and the texture of the vegetables enhance the flavor of the juicy large oysters, which are so succulent that their juices overflow. Set meal price: 1,480 yen; single item price: 1,330 yen.

Ootoya "Stir-Fried Oysters and Wooden Boy with Oysters from Etajima, Hiroshima Prefecture" Set Meal

Seafood Soup An Earthen Pot Set Meal with Plenty of Mushrooms and Broth

Ootoya's special seafood broth earthenware pot with shiitake mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, aji enoki mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, nameko mushrooms, seasonal mushrooms, and plenty of vegetables. With crispy Chinese cabbage and plump shrimp, you can enjoy a rich taste of the sea and mountains. Set meal priced at 1,280 yen, single item priced at 1,130 yen.

Ootoya "Seafood Soup An Earthen Pot Set Lunch with Plenty of Wood and Broth

Not available at AEON MALL Takasaki and AEON MALL Hinode.