Komeda Coffee Shop "Premium Coffee Sophia

Komeda Premium Coffee Soph

ia The 103rd item in our series of articles introducing "secret gems" is the "Premium Coffee Sophia," a drink menu item available at Komeda Coffee Shop. Prices range from 560 to 800 yen (tax included, prices vary by store). If you use a coffee ticket, the price is +100 yen.

Premium Coffee


"Premium Coffee Sophia" is a single origin coffee made from Brazilian coffee beans. It is a renewal of the "Golden Iced Coffee" that was offered in the past. Single-origin beans are only from the same plantation or variety. Since the cultivar and production method are clearly identified, it is known as a high-quality, safe coffee. The flavor of "Golden Iced Coffee", which is delicious when drunk straight, is retained in this mellow, aromatic iced coffee.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Premium Coffee Sophia

It has a moderate bitterness, a soft acidity, and a clean, refreshing aftertaste with a full-bodied flavor. It is recommended to be enjoyed straight, so it does not come with a fresh cup.

While it is full-bodied, it is clear and refreshing, with no sourness or other unpleasant tastes! It is a very refreshing drink, and certainly a taste that should be enjoyed straight without adding milk or gum syrup. The balance of pleasant bitterness and full-bodied flavor is excellent. You can drink it in large gulps. It has no peculiarities, so it goes well with both rice and sweets! I love the clear taste of iced coffee!

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Coffee Shop Komeda Coffee Shop's "Premium Coffee Sophia" is perfect for when you want to refresh yourself. Be sure to order it when you visit Komeda!